Making Buckeyes

Have you ever wondered how exactly Marie's makes their unique and mouth-watering Buckeyes? Now you can know!

The first step in making Marie's famous Buckeyes is whipping up a batch of made-from-scratch peanut butter cream. An interesting tid-bit: This is the same peanut butter cream that is in Marie's Peanut Butter Fancies.

Next the warm cream is poured onto trays to cool.

Then it is prepared to be placed in the Friend Machine.

Meet the Friend Machine, a.k.a., a cream former. This is how we can quickly form lots of tiny balls of cream to become the centers of our delicious chocolates.

This is what the little balls of peanut butter cream look like when they come out of the Friend Machine.

Final stop: The enrober. We send the Buckeyes through the enrobing machine twice in order to get the natural Buckeye look on top.