Oreo has a New Home!
February 2015

Congratulations to June M. of Texas, winner of Oreo! Thank you to everyone who participated in our January newsletter contest to write a persuasive paragraph of why Oreo the orphan panda should come to live with you. We enjoyed reading all of your responses and having Marie's employees vote.

It was a tough choice, and here were the top three entries:

"My sister, Eileen, adopted a baby girl from Honduras but when the "baby" was a little girl of 4.5 years, my sister died of pancreatic cancer, and her daughter, Neelie, went to live with our cousins in Illinois, who became her guardians. She has only a few memories about her adoptive mother, but her main memory is that Eileen collected panda bears of all sizes and types and materials, mostly ceramics. Most of the collection went to Eileen's oldest adult son with a few given to close relatives as mementos. I saved one for Neelie too.

I think it would be a wonderful surprise gift for Neelie to receive the stuffed panda bear, bringing back sweet memories of her adoptive mother from years ago. Neelie is now 26 years old and has two children of her own, a girl age 7 and a boy age 4 who will never know their grandmother, but do know about the panda collection."

--June M.

"We know just who should adopt Oreo!
He would be the focus for everyday!
He would love our cute little classroom.
He could take control of it in every way!

Our classroom is number 118 at Riverside.
That's in our elementary wing.
We have so much fun learning all day long,
As we play and laugh and even sing!

But our classroom has no one to share,
In all the fun we have each day,
So Oreo could come live with us,
So he would be loved in every way.

We would love to adopt Oreo.
Because he is such an adorable bear.
He would feel right at home at our school,
And we'd give him all our love and care.

We would give Oreo his own pretend sword,
His own little red and blue hat,
He could become Oreo the Pirate,
Everyone would be a lovin' that!

We would give him his own Pirate vest,
And would give him his own eye patch.
He could play with us during inside recess,
Like Checkers and Candyland and Catch.

Once Oreo felt comfortable in his new home,
He'd open the heart box of chocolate treats,
For everyone to sample some delicious Marie's,
Oreo's going to love each student that he meets.

So please let us adopt little Mr. Oreo,
He would love to come to our school,
He would be the star of our little classroom,
In our second grade, Mr. Oreo would rule!"

--Billie Y.

"I am responding for Oreo to come babysit my children.

Although I grew up in Logan County, I have moved across the state and now live in Akron. I have two wonderful daughters that love to visit THE Candy Store (Marie's of course) when we come home. Unfortunately, my husband and I both work and our trips home are not as often as we would like. For this reason, I would like to offer Oreo a wonderful job as a babysitter for my daughters (and as a reminder of THE Candy Store at home). Oreo's duties include receiving (and administering) hugs and kisses on a regular basis, keeping secrets indefinitely and playing dress up (his size will be evaluated upon reporting to work on the first day). Chasing away monsters, alleviating nightmares and catching tears have also been included as the third shift (overnight) duties.

This is a full time position, requiring Oreo to be "on call" from 5 pm to 6 am each day and every day of the weekend. Travel is required and will consist of 1 weekend a month (to visit his home county). The salary includes room and board, along with the undying love of two wonderful little girls. To apply, Oreo simply needs to appear at the R. household in Ohio. No other applicants are being considered at this time. Thank you."

--Melinda R. (CEO, CFO of The R. Household)