Marie's Book

Faith, the Only Star: A Family's Journey Through Challenge to Victory
by Erin L. Hill & compiled by Rebecca King Craig

Have you ever wondered "Who is Marie?" or "How did Marie's Candies get its start?" You will find those answers and many more as you read this inspirational account of one family's journey to start and maintain a candy business through three generations of personal challenges, faith, and victory.

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Quotes from Marie


"I don't believe in changing clothes more than once a day."

"It would have been easy to give up. But one thing was important--Winfred understood me better than I understood myself. He knew I had to reach out to others, to give of myself to someone else outside of my own little family. So he insisted that one day a week, I would reach out to someone sick or elderly--a cake or pie baked, cookies or candy given to someone to cheer them up. This really helped; it took my mind off my circumstances."

"I must admit only through God's grace could I be brave enough to go out to the barn at night to check on the sheep, cows, and chickens by myself. When I got married, I was afraid of my own shadow...but now with a family, I didn't dare show my fear!"

"Three verses in Philippians stand out as having meant so much to us during this time period: 'Be careful for nothing, but in everything, by prayer and suplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God'; 'I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me'; and 'But my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.' So we claimed God's promises. We found God was always on time. He never let us down. We found people might disappoint us, but God was true to His promises."

"Now remember, if you can't work and talk at the same time, you know which one has to go."

During the government-enforced thirty-five-mile-per-hour speed limits of World War II, Marie said, "I don't have time to go just thirty-five."

Before public speaking engagements, Marie told herself that the people in the audience "put their pantyhose on one leg at a time, just like I do."

"I couldn't have done any of this, anything without God's help. I want people to see that they are important in God's eyes and in this world. That they can make the most of what God has given them, even if that doesn't seem like much. I didn't have much, but God still used me. God expects you to do what you can right where you are."


About the Author

Author Erin HillErin Hill grew up in South Charleston, Ohio (45 miles south of West Liberty, Ohio), but currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, where she is a high school English teacher. A long time fan of small towns, sports, and chocolate, Hill became fast friends with volleyball teammate Rebecca King Craig (Marie King's granddaughter) at Taylor University in the mid 90's.

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